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Why Exhibit?

The biggest Maritime Show in Japan

Through exhibitions, conferences and online communities, Sea Japan bring together more than 19,000 industry professionals to network, indentify business opportunities and expand global market.

UBM Network

UBM organises Marintec South America (Brazil), Marintec Indonesia (Indonesia), SEA ASIA (Singapore), Offshore Marintec (Russia) and Marintec China which is the biggest maritime show in Asia.
The organiser makes maximal use of database of all maritime shows UBM organise and facilitates visitor promotion activities.

Why Maritime show in Japan?

Japan relies much on imports for most of products as it is surrounded by the sea and the sea transport is absolutely imperative for our life and economy.
When it comes to Coastal Shipping, currently, it accounts for 40% of domestic cargo.

For Ocean-going shipping, the rate of Japanese merchant fleet (operated by international shipping companies in Japan) is about 10% of total figure in the world.
The demands for the sea transport will be expanded in the future because of the rise of emerging countries.
Also, the lower yen, coupled with exceptional efficiency and high-tech designs, have made Japanese shipyards and marine equipment manufacturers among the most competitive in the world.

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