Heiyo Public Viewing

Japan Coast Guard's largest survey vessel "Heiyo" will be open to the public

The Japan Coast Guard's largest-ever survey vessel, Heiyo, which was commissioned on 29 January, 2020, will be berthed alongside Sea Japan for public inspection on 22 April. With a gross tonnage of 4,000 tonnes and construction costs of JPY 13.1 billion, it is the first large size survey vessels to join the Japan Coast Guard fleet for over 20 years and will significantly strengthen the nation’s maritime security capability. Do not miss this valuable opportunity go aboard the Heiyo and inspect its advanced survey equipment.


〇 Date & Time: 22 April 2022  10:00-16:00 (End of Reception:15:30)

Heiyo Public Viewing will be held as scheduled. We are looking forward to welcoming you to the event!

〇 Venue: Ariake West Futo (Wharf)(located right next to Tokyo Big Sight) 

〇 How to Participate:

Free of Charge
The general public (including those under the age of 18) who are not related to the maritime industry can also participate.
⚓Onboard Tour

Pre-registration for the onboard tour has been closed because the capacity has been reached.

⚓Outboard tour / Photo shooting
If you would like to participate, please come directly to the event venue.




〇 Date & Time:         22 April 2022 (Fri) 10:00-16:00 (The reception will be closed at 15:30

〇 Location:         Ariake West Futo (Wharf)(located right next to Tokyo Big Sight)

〇 Organised by:        Japan Maritime Cluster Committee / Informa Markets Japan Co Ltd

〇 Supported by:        Japan Coast Guard

Precautions for participation including measures against coronavirus infection

●We will conduct an onboard tour of the ship for participants who have pre-registered. However, from the standpoint of corona infection control and safety management, we will limit the number of people who can access the ship based on the infection status and weather on the day. The number of people who can enter the ship will be decided by the organizer in consideration of the infection situation and weather on the day. Depending on the situation, you may not be able to enter the ship, so please understand before you come to the venue.


●Even if you do not have access to the inside of the ship, you can still visit and take pictures from outside the ship.


In addition, the onboard tour or even the public viewing itself may be canceled due to the spread of infection on the day or changes in the weather, so please check the website before visiting the venue on the day.


On the day of the event, if any of the following items apply, you will not be accepted to attend it.

1) There is a heat of 37.5 degrees or more

2) Have cold symptoms such as cough, runny nose, sputum, sneezing, and sore throat 3) Fatigue, suffocation, chest discomfort

4) There are people who are suspected of being infected with the new coronavirus, such as family members living together or at work.

5) Other symptoms of possible infection with the new coronavirus

6) Within the past 14 days, there are immigration restrictions, travel to countries and regions that have been announced as requiring an observation period after entry, and close contact with the resident.


Please cooperate with the following infectious disease prevention measures when you visit the event. If you do not cooperate, we will refuse your visit.

1) Hand disinfection with disinfectant solution at the time of visit

2) Wearing a mask

3) Implementation of temperature measurement at the time of visit

4) Admission restrictions based on the maximum number of simultaneous visitors


● Registration of the contact confirmation application "COCOA" of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare is recommended. 

Personal information may be disclosed at the request of government agencies and local governments when an infected person occurs. Please note.  

When the pre-registered visitors applied, they were asked to indicate the scheduled time of arrival, but this was a questionnaire and does not mean that they have reserved a time frame. The following is the expected congestion time so please avoid the busy hours to prevent corona.

 Latest congestion forecast from registrant questionnaire

  10:30-11:30 Expected to be crowded

  11:30-12:30  Relatively vacant

  12:30-13:30 Relatively vacant

  13:30-14:30  Expected to be crowded

  14:30-15:30  Expected to be very crowded

  15:30-16:30 Expected to be very crowded


●You cannot use the toilet on board.


●Please refrain from wearing shoes that may cause you to fall, such as high heels.


●If visitors and exhibitors of Sea Japan do not wish to access to the inside of the ship, but only from the outside or take a photo, you can access the event area with the "Visitor Badge" or "Exhibitor Badge" of Sea Japan 2022.


●Sea Japan 2020 is a B2B international exhibition for industry professionals. Only people from the maritime industry and people from other related industries can visit. If you are interested in attending the exhibition, please register in advance using the link below.

Click here for pre-registration for visitors to Sea Japan 2022 



Ariake West Terminal (go straight through the Ariake Passenger Terminal next to Tokyo Big Sight)


Get off at Shinkotsu Yurikamome "Tokyo Big Sight" and walk for 5 minutes

* There is no parking lot, so please use public transportation.


Click the pictures below to download the maps.

What is the survey vessel "Heiyo"?


Vessel Name: Heiyo

Hull Number: HL11

Date of Commission: 29 January 2020

Gross Tonnage: 4,000 tonnes

Length: 103 metres

Beam: 16 metres

Heiyo is fitted with the latest surveying tools including multi-beam sounding equipment, an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) and autonomous survey vehicles (ASV). The ship is equipped with an azimuth thruster for precise position holding capability for enhanced oceanographic surveying. Heiyo will conduct surveys of seabed topography and geology necessary to secure Japan's maritime interests in the Sea of Japan and the East China Sea.

For more details, please feel free to contact us.

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