Sea Japan Online & Matchmaking Service

Sea Japan online starts!

Sea Japan 2022 will be held as a real exhibition at Tokyo Big Sight simultaneously with an online business platform on the web. Anyone who pre-registers for Sea Japan will automatically have access to both the real and the online events. Please take full advantage of the various functions unique to the online version.


What you can do online

Attend the Webinars Delivered before the Real Exhibition Starts!

Watch the seminars and exhibitor presentations which will be held online ahead of the exhibition. Since you can get the latest trends in the industry and product information of exhibitors in advance, you will be able to participate in the real exhibition more effectively. 

*The pre-show webinars will be delivered using Zoom. 

Pre-Registration for Seminars at the Venue

You can pre-register for more than 60 industry seminars that will be held during the exhibition period onsite.

Utilization of the Exhibitor Online Catalogue

Not only can you search for exhibitors by product categories or keywords, but you can also watch videos of exhibitors you are interested in and obtain product brochures in advance.

Online Matchmaking Service

You can send business meeting requests to exhibitors whom you would like to contact, and you can also receive meeting requests from exhibitors who can provide the technology and services that you are looking for. After the meeting is confirmed, you can also use the "chat function" and "online video meeting function" with the exhibitors. The service will be available on 28 March. Find more detail information below!


⚓ How to participate in Sea Japan online ⚓



⚓ What is the Matchmaking Service about 

The Matchmaking Service Started on March 28
Let Sea Japan be used as a more fruitful place for business!


○ Matchmaking Service is available from 28 March (Monday) to 28 April (Thursday), 2022

○ Both exhibitors and visitors can start sending meeting requests to each other on 28 March 2022 (Monday)

○ Meeting Setting Period (Onsite & Online): 13 April 2022 (Wednesday) – 28 April (Thursday)

○ Real Event Date ( at Tokyo Big Sight): April 20th (Wednesday) to 22nd (Friday), 2022



Visitors can access to the online matchmaking system and send meeting reservation requests to exhibitors from 28 March for the meetings between 13 April, one week before the real exhibition, until 28 April. From March 28th, exhibitors also will be able to send meeting request to visitors, so visitors are also expected to access to "Visitor MyPage" and check if they get a request or not frequently. 


By booking business meetings in advance, Sea Japan can be used as a more fruitful place for business!
Produce a place to meet new partners even in the pandemic.
Support you to find new suppliers who can provide the products and services you are looking for! 
Industry professionals get together! It is possible to contact overseas players online even with travel restrictions.


Mr. Christopher Eve, Managing Director of Informa Markets Japan Co., Ltd., the organizer, said, " We have decided to introduce a new online function as a means for all participants to participate in Sea Japan more efficiently and effectively than ever before and also as a means of participating in the event for those who cannot come to Tokyo due to travel restrictions. It is a function that has been introduced to major events around the world before the pandemic as a service to enhance the meetings onsite but I believe that it is a service that is exactly needed now and works well in this special occasion. "


-----  With the matchmaking service, you can do this. -----
Search for new business partners and the products and technologies you are looking for
Search for exhibitors in the exhibitor online catalogue

Request for Meeting Appointments

Request a business appointment by checking and using the exhibitor's schedule table
Pay attention to meeting requests that you may receive from exhibitors

Fix Meetings with Exhibitors either Real or Online

Advance information exchange for efficient business meeting with each other through prior communication via chat functions
If you can't come to Tokyo Big Sight, you are still able to have business talks at the online video conference.
Even after the closing of the real exhibition, online business meetings will be possible until April 28th.

Anyone who pre-registers for Sea Japan will automatically have access to both the real and the online events. So, register now and take full advantage of the various functions unique to the online version.