Benefits of Visitor Pre-Registration


The organiser of Sea Japan 2022 recommends you complete the online visitor registration in advance for several reasons. Check it out and get ready!

Are you living outside Japan and still wondering whether or not you can fly to Japan in April? No reason to give up!

Sea Japan 2022 will be held as a hybrid event that merges face-to-face meetings with virtual meetings, online matchmaking and webinars. So you don’t need to give up on attending even if travel restrictions remain in April. After completing your registration, you will get a free access to the hybrid event. You can contact the exhibitors through the online match-making service and attend the online industry seminars to update yourself about Japan’s maritime market. So, register now!

Are you an English speaker who lives in Japan? Register now and enjoy your privileges.  

There are several benefits if you register, but no benefit if you just to wait and see. Visitor pre-registration is now open, free of charge, and you can use several new functions of the hybrid event. Register now!





Benefit 1:

Obtain your free visitor badges for direct access to the exhibition halls

You own account at the Visitor MyPage, will be created after your completing the registration. You will find your visitor badge there, so please print it out and come to the entrance of the exhibition halls with it for direct access.  

Benefit 2:

Save your seat at our online and onsite industry seminars

You will be the first person to be informed of the industry seminar programme, so you don’t miss any of the popular programmes that you wish to attend. Besides, visitor pre-registration anyway will be required to make the registration for the seminars. (The seminar programmes will be available from early February, 2022.)

Benefit 3:

Enjoy the Online Services

The ID and password that you obtain from the visitor pre-registration allow you to enjoy a free access to the online services such as the online exhibitor catalogue. You will find  the full list of the exhibitors there with their detailed information. 

  1. Benefit 4:

Join the Online Business Matchmaking Service

The online match-making service will be available at Sea Japan 2022. You can contact the exhibitors directly in advance. The match-making service will be available from 28 March, 2022.

Benefit 5:

Stay updated about the event

  1. We will keep you updated by sending you the latest information about Sea Japan 2022 including the latest status of our measures against COVID-19 to make you feel more comfortable and confident to attend the event.