Online Pre-show Presentation

What is Online Pre-show Presentation?

At Sea Japan 2024, prior to the event, exhibitors will hold "Online Pre-show Presentation" on 25 March and 26 March. This will allow attendees to get the latest information from exhibitors before the show, and following the presentations, attendees will have the opportunity to request materials from exhibitors or schedule appointments for onsite meetings via a post-webinar survey.

Webinar attendance is free of charge. To facilitate an efficient and effective visit to the show, please register now and attend the webinars.


How to Attend:

Step 1: Make the visitor registration on the website here first. You will be required to put your visitor ID in the online presentation registration from.

Step 2: Go to the programme below and click the "Register" button for the presentations which you would like to attend. You will get the registration form on the screen. Please fill in the form and submit it to us. You will receive a confirmation notice and the link for attendance by return. 

Note: The language of the presentation will be speaker's preference. 


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25 March

3pm - 3:45pm


Proposal for an optimal solution to achieve revised GHG reduction targets by marine coating

Solutions using marine coatings will be proposed to meet the GHG reduction targets revised in July 2023.
Two approaches will be presented, the one is a prediction tool for the CII ratings and the fuel consumptionreduction effects achieved by the latest high-performance antifoulings supported with the ship monitoring
and analysis technologies. The other is the brand new tank coatings that contribute to the construction of next-generation fuel supply networks.

Language: Japanese

  Chugoku Marine Paints, Ltd.


This webinar has been finished.


26 March

3pm - 4pm


Turkish maritime industry
– its charm and current situation

Turkish maritime industry? It's hard to imagine, but they provide services such as construction of state-of-the-art ships such as electric propulsion ships, repair and maintenance and demolishing, as well as ship management and operational support, mainly to Greek and other European ship owners.

I would like to invite Mr. Sawada from YSMC, who is well-versed in the Turkish maritime industry, to talk about the situation of Turkish Maritime Industry.

Language: Japanese




Satoshi Katada,

Managing Director,

MOL Turkey Shipping & Logistics Trading Company



This webinar has been finished.

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