Overview of Seminar Programme

Industry seminars covering the latest industry information and challenges

One of the great attractions of Sea Japan and Offshore & Port Tech is the variety of conferences and seminars hosted by the government and industry organisations. A total of more than 100 sessions have been prepared this time, and those sessions will refer to the latest information that the industry needs now, such as clean energy, which are the main theme of Sea Japan 2024, as well as overseas market trends and marine resource development. Don't miss the opportunity to get the latest information at Sea Japan and Offshore & Port Tech.


All Seminar Programs by Category

All seminar programs are listed by category on this website according to their theme and type. You can get detailed information about the program and apply for attendance from the pages of each category. Click each of those circles below.


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Simultaneous interpretation

- Opening Ceremony

- Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries (P)

- Maritime Singapore Decarbonisation – shipowners perspective

China shipbuilding industries current new fuel development situation, record and forecast


Simultaneous interpretation

JAMSTEC's mission for marine and earth science and technology


To protecting crew and vessels, what we can do for zero harm


Outlook on maritime “GX” - Introduction of latest regulatory trends and support tools


Challenge of MOL for the construction of hydrogen supply chain


Consecutive interpretation

How U.S. cutting-edge marine technologies contribute to a sustainable Blue Economy


- Activities and future development by JASNAOE

- How AIS and other maritime big data can be used in the logistics, shipping, and ship-building fields?

- SPEEDS (Smart Platform of Enhanced Engineering Data for Shipping and Shipbuilding) to realize the innovative use of ship 3D data

- Faced problem and research of outfitting design for LNG fuel vessel


  • - Facilitator self-introduction / Greeting from the organiser Satellite VDES Consortium

〈Part 1〉Ocean and space linkages

- Ocean x Space / Satellite Application for Maritime (Observation, Positioning) 
- Sea and Space Social implementation of smart water industry using satellites
- Unveiling new insights through AIS and satellite data fusion and Japan's leap into VDES constellation development
- Enabling maritime digitization with nano satellites


〈Part 2〉VDES (next generation AIS) and satellite VDES applications
  • - VDES solutions demonstration project
  • - Ocean and space linkages: Overseas satellite VDES development plans and international alliances
  • - Expectations for the satellite VDES...Expanding the convenience of digital communication at sea
  • - New developments with VDES (application to a surface water drone)
  • - Digitalisation of ship/port information and communications

- Creating the future of transport―Autonomous vessel projects around the world―

- Challenges for the coastal shipping industry regarding the Logistics 2024 Crisis and KAWASAKI KINKAI KISEN KAISHA's initiatives(tentative)

- Coastal Shipping for the future(tentative)


  • Future workstyle revolution & female career development in the maritime industry

- Automated Navigation, Digitalization, and Working Load Saving Technologies in Marine Field

- SDGs Action by Ships in Actual Seas -OCTARVIA / AdAM-

- R&D on Floating Offshore Wind Turbines in National Maritime Research Institute

- Unmanned Ocean Vehicle Systems for Advanced Ocean Exploration


Current development status and prospects for practical use of MASS


Navigating a green transition within the maritime industry


Consecutive interpretation

Why choose Panama, advantage of Panama ship registry


  • Mini symposium: Exploring a way for floating offshore wind power and fisheries to coexist in Japan

  • Pioneering oceanic digital transformation initiatives with Suruga bay as a testing ground

Developing human resources for the next generation of offshore wind

- Prospect on Global Offshore Wind and Japan

- Efforts towards the establishment of a new educational framework for graduate students "Industry-Academia Consortium for Higher Education Program on Offshore Wind"

- Initiatives in human resources development at Nagasaki ocean academy


Simultaneous interpretation

〈Part 1〉

- Opening address

- Japan’s initiatives toward Green Transformation of Ships

- The Nippon Foundation Zero Emission Ship Project

- Development of marine hydrogen fueled engines and supply system (Green Innovation Fund Projects)

- Development of vessels equipped with domestically produced ammonia-fueled engine (Green Innovation Fund Projects)

- Ammonia fuel ship “Integrated Project” with fuel supply chain (Green Innovation Fund Projects)

- Development of methane slip reduction technology from LNG fueled vessels by improving catalysts and engines (Green Innovation Found Projects)

- ClassNK's initiatives in safety assessment and standards development for social implementation of next-generation ships


〈Part 2〉

- Together pioneering the future of shipping : introduction of Smart Ship Application Platform

- Installation of safe and secure communication network : Introduction of ISO 16425

- Data standard for onboard IoT data utilization: Introduction of ISO 19848

- Shipboard data servers for sharing field data at sea: Introduction of ISO 19847

- General requirements for the asynchronous time-insensitive ship-shore data transmission

- ISO usage example at ShipDC


Dark Fleet explained: Impacts, Compliance Dangers, and the Road Ahead


Outline of Guidelines to Marine Warranty Survey for Construction of Offshore Wind Farm


Simultaneous interpretation

- Carbon Neutral Port (CNP) Initiative

- Maritime Singapore’s decarbonisation efforts

- Efforts and prospects for decarbonization in the ports of Flanders (Belgium)

- Panel discussion


To apply for the seminars, you will need the visitor ID issued after completing visitor registration for Sea Japan 2024. Prior to registering for the seminar, please click the button below to "pre-register for Sea Japan 2024".