Reasons to attend

As Tokyo gears up for the 2020 Olympics, Sea Japan will be “Going for Gold” on the themes of Automation, the Environment and Safety

Both on the exhibition floor and in the conference and seminar programs, the themes of vessel automation, protection of the environment and operational safety will be taking center stage at Sea Japan 2020. The latest advances in the technology to support these key industry objectives will be incorporated into the products and services offered by over 580 companies from Japan and around the world that are participating in the exhibition. Sea Japan 2020 is set to be the largest ever, a fitting achievement for a year that will see athletes from around the world participate in the Tokyo Olympics. So come an join us at Sea Japan, and GO FOR GOLD!

Japan Maritime Industry Cluster Pavilion

Taking center stage at Sea Japan 2020 will be the Japan maritime industry cluster pavilion, featuring the very latest research and development as well as practical solutions developed by Japan’s shipbuilders, ship owners and marine equipment makers, as well as government and academic bodies. The theme of the pavilion is “Five Rings Over the Sea” – being Safety, Environment, Technology, Human Resources and Trust. 




Get up to date on the latest trends and developments in the maritime industry!

A full program of conferences, seminars and workshops will be held alongside the exhibition. Leaders from Japan’s top ship owners and shipbuilders will discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the industry in the Sea Japan International Conference. Seminars in the technical program will cover topics including autonomous navigation, digital transition, alternative fuels and fuel efficiency, and enhancing safe vessel operations.

Many of the sessions are free of charge, so don’t miss this opportunity to get up to date on the latest trends and developments in the maritime industry. 

Get the list of the seminars which will be held in English or with English interpretation.

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Invite you to a multitude of networking and social events

In addition there will be a multitude of networking and social events taking place in and around Sea Japan, as well as ship visits at the berth alongside the venue. Everyone who attends Sea Japan will be a winner, so set your sights on attending this record-breaking event in Tokyo!